a 100 years to celebrate

event:  Opening Ceremonies of a Historical Exhibit for the Centennial Celebration of Diocese of Calbayog.

place: Diocesan Museum, Calbayog City

date: April 8, 2010 – onward

a brief note on the 100 years of diocesan pilgrimage…  (by: charo nabong cabardo)

On April 10, 2010, the Diocese of Calbayog will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding as a Diocese. It was on April 10, 1910, when Pope St. Piux X issued the Consistorial Decree Novas Erigere Dioecesis that establshed the new Diocese of Calbayog covering Samar and Leyte islands, separate from the Diocese of Cebu.

For more than 300 years before this event, Samar island was administered by the Spanish missionaries – 173 years under the Order of the Society of Jesus and 134 years under the Franciscans – all under the Bishoperic of Cebu.

Bishop Pablo Singzon, a native of Calbiga who was Ecclesiastical Governor of the Diocese of Cebu from 1901 to 1903 was appointed as the first Bishop of the new diocese. Bishop Singzon chose the town of Calbayog in Samar which was the largest and most progressive town in the region, to be the seat of the new diocese.

The newly-erected diocese had 84 parroquias – 39 in Samar and 45 in Leyte. there were 35 priests in Samar (26 were Franciscans and only 9 were native clergy). In Leyte, there were 42 priests, all secular clergy. Bishop Singzon named Fr. Sofronio Hacbang asProvisor and Vicario General while Fr. Conrado Maga was named Secretaria de Camara y Gobierno. On May 2 – 4, 1911, Bishop Singzon convoked a diocesan Synod held at the church of Palo, Leyte.

And so,— the cornerstone for the foundation of the diocese had been laid.

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Manaragat 2009

the candidates for Ms Manaragat 2009 Pageant  here in Catbalogan.


sherlyn web



andrea web

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beauties of samar(?)

had this guerilla kind of shooting with the candidates for mutya han samar pageant…  been chasing the sunlight for two hours since we started at 4Pm  yestergloomyday inside the samar college campus.  still having a hangover of manny’s available light effect, i considered no artificial lighting throughout the session which resorted me to to pumped my cam’s ISO up to 1600! yes, at ISO1600, the camera really rocks!  

here are the few of my takes…


IMG_9451A web



IMG_9210A web



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alimango in one visayas



 for magsohongnon people, here are the photos of your alimango festival who had a successful presentation in one visayas in cebu

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one visayas images


One Visayas, an attempt to bring together the provinces of the three visayas regions thru their culture and art forms, opened last Sunday, March 1, at the Cebu International Convention Center. 




just a few of the images i took on the grand opening of One Visayas event in Cebu International Convention Center.  With the theme “One People, One Vision”, this mother of all festivals in visayas showcased  home-grown talents thru performances, demonstrations and exhibition about local, indigenous visual arts, theater, film, architecture, literature. the event also includes presentation and selling of each province’s local products and industries.

click the thumbnails below for full view.  more photos to follow! keep checking. 😉



Miss Manaragat 2008

Though i’ve been the official photog for the Search for Miss Catbalogan / Manaragat for 3 years now, haven’t posted in the web yet even a single photo.  So, this will be my first post of the images captured during our pictorial.  The sessions we had were conducted in Buri Beach, Leopard Beach Resort in Cal-apog, and in the Catbalogan Airport.  No much ado, here are the photos. Cheers!