Welcome to my virtual journal.  Am nelsonpetilla, a photographer based in Eastern Visayas, Philippines.  In here i shall post my images from recent weddings, share stories of my adventures, and update you on what’s going on in my life. This would be your place to see where and what I’m shooting.  So bookmark this site as I will update this blog on a regular basis, as much as i can.  Please don’t forget to leave comments or suggestions about my works. Cheers! 

To view more about my work, please visit my website at: www.nelsonpetilla.com or beyond visible impressions.  





npetilla@yahoo.com       +63918.930.9548


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  1. Donna Lou says:

    nice site, Nelson! Ü am so excited to see our wedding pictures! thank you so much again. the team’s just so amazing! more power!

  2. nelsonpetilla says:

    Hi Donna, Thanks for dropping by. this is quite empty now for am still having a hardtime migrating my old blog (iBlog) here. hehe, anyways, my brandnew website will be up soon. its still using my old URL http://www.nelsonpetilla.com having new content. By the way, i reviewed my shots of your wedding and its really touching.. tindi ng emotion! i even used (asking for permission, hehe) one photo in my homepage slideshow. watch for it!

    best regards!

  3. Donna Lou says:

    hahaha! it’s your shot 😉 we’ll be honored.
    keep up. regards, too.

  4. ching says:

    hi nelson!
    i was speechless when i saw our pictures in your site.it’s beautiful!I’m out of words to describe how i’ve feel when i saw it.thank you for making that day more special.:)

  5. Hi Ching. indeed your photos were compelling. its simply because you really showed and allowed us to feel the intensity of love between the two of you during the day. these were actually the elements that made us more inspired in capturing those fleeting moments before its gone… gone forever. thanks and am sure, if you gonna see all the photos… well, just see it for yourself. hehe

  6. rosario a reyes says:

    hi nelson i was trying to contact you last year i sent an e mail but no reply i was looking at your shots it was very good and truly amazing.i hope the next party we have again in future we could arrange it toyou our class reunion in sacred heart college for 100 year anniversary this coming 2010.

  7. Hi Rosario. sorry to hear about the no-reply mail. Am just wondering why i was not able to read it.. or probably your mail was redirected to my Bulk folder which i set to auto delete. Anyways, am glad you appreciate my work and its an honor that you’re considering me already to document your 2010 event. just 2 more years… hehe

  8. Melanie says:

    Hey Nelson! I love your work. I’m very interested in having you cover my wedding at McArthur Beach Leyte on May 2008. Pls contact me at sapphire020@hotmail.com. Thanks!

  9. Dindo_M says:

    Yo Mano Nelson 😉
    As promised, looked you up on the web after your coverage of our alumni hosting over at SSU. And look what I’ve just found… a classy & tastefully executed site with truly & superbly great photography! Bilib ako!

    Haven’t seen how you worked up our crazy faces but I did get a txt from Mana Ruby that the CD is with her! Am sure those will be priceless works-of-art hehe!
    Thanks for the interaction – even if quick and fleeting. I learned a lot!

    Keep on and c ya around mano!

  10. Hi Dindo, am so glad to have you here! Thanks for your comments. nakakataba ng puso. hehe

    yup, all the photos i took in your alumni homecoming were turned over to mana ruby. to stick with our agreement, no photos will come out if not coming from her. she just want to make sure that may pumalit san iyo souvenir program. 😉



  11. jennylene says:

    Hi p0h! Sir, ur site is really amazing!! Grabe talaga,, my friend gave ur site 2 me coz she admires u and ur photos and xempre aq din p0h! Sana sa wedding q…….hehe Kya lng 20 plang p0h aq now, no ryt 2 plan 4 my wedding as of now!!
    So, more p0wer and God bless!!!!

  12. Hi Jennylene.

    Thanks a lot! thanks also to your friend for leading you here. hehehe 20? next year puede na! and enjoy having kids when you’re still young. hehe

  13. arahduran says:

    Hi! Are you the nelsonpetilla from navarro st.calb.city,son of man Salud? you did a great,great job.

  14. Hi Arahduran.

    Yup! the nelson petilla you really know. hehehe Sounds like you’re the sister of Geraldine?

  15. sarahduran says:

    Hi nelson! sorry i’m not the sister of geraldine.i’m the daughter of mrs.duran the co-teacher of ur mom.batchmate kit.Is this ur profession now cuz i thought u r an eng.Good luck!!!

  16. Oh sorry Sarah. of course i know you! hehe just that the name of your first post was misspelled as Arahduran.. Yup, after several years in developmental projects, found myself in photography.

    Best regards!

  17. Mignon says:

    hi nelson!! thanks so much for the beautiful pictures you took on our wedding.. I even promised myself not to cry when I walked down the aisle but when i saw those pictures shocks!! cant help it huhu 😉 that was really touching.. thanks so much to you & joey for making it memorable not only to me & alrico, but also to the family & guests.. thanks also to the staff!! more power!!

  18. thad says:

    hi there,
    i was one of hannah & dodie’s groomsmen, i must say i’m very impressed with your portfolio. do you offer photography lessons as well? check my blog thadhinunangan.blogspot.com i have certain posts on photography (but mostly literature and personal entries).



  19. hi Thad,

    sorry for the late reply. been too busy nowadays to beat the deadline of our coffeetable book project for Calbayog City. Anyways, thanks for dropping by and for your appreciation on my works. photography lessons? hmmnnn… i can but in informal way. it will gonna be in this format: teach the basics, question and answer, illustration and demonstration, actual field application of all discussed, back to room for “criticking” (is there such a word? hehe) and feedback. cheers!

  20. Nemia says:

    Hi mano nelson!grabee!!super bilib talga ako sa mga shots mo.I already saw you and joey during my friends wedding.. Pero yung kilala ko si Joey..I didn’t know my blog ka rin pla.NWay, hopefully next year February available kayo ni Joey on my Wedding Day..I always told my hubby na dapat kayo ni Joey ang kunin ko..Di talga puede na di kayo…Sobra bilib ako sayo..How will I know your package?

  21. Bourguignon Eric says:

    We are trying to look at the pictures from the wedding of my wife’ s cousin Charisse . They married on march 17 , 2007 . Are those pictures still archived ?

  22. Hi Eric,

    my apologies for i can’t show my takes on the wedding of Dennis and Charisse. i uploaded it before to my discontinued account in macintosh site. Anyways, here’s the link to my partner’s blog.


  23. jamtraxx says:

    Sad that im not yet done. Well the script is done it’s just that I need to make a how-to for the script. I am hoping that some people would actually use it. BTW, still no plans of hosting your own WP under your domain? It’s a good way to monetize a blog. 😛

  24. ah ok. waiting mode then.. 😉 i actually have a blog under my domain. its in my blogroll (beyond visible impression )just that its for the other side of my photography. thanks jamtraxx.

  25. jamtraxx says:

    Hmm… if you have any messenger application installed. Like YM or MSN, feel free to add me.

    YM: r0ck_r0mancer@yahoo.com
    MSN: jamtraxx@hotmail.com

    I think it’ll be easier. Anyway’s, I have a meeting with a client in a few. Ill be back prolly tonight. Ill check what I can do to help your blog. Anyway, nice comment chatting with you. LOL

  26. LOL i’ll check my ym account to limit this comment chat. 😉

    thanks again!

  27. lee says:

    can’t wait to see pictures from my parents renewal.

  28. Hi lee, thanks for dropping by. just uploaded the images on outdoor pictorial of your mom and dad. the renewal of vows pix will follow soon!

  29. Rhea Sol says:

    Thank you very much for posting my pix.. You made me beautiful.. a real print model.. hehehe.. it was nice working with your team and of course with the effort my make up artist. JOSEPH RYAN! wish me luck..

  30. BuddyHolly says:

    i idolize you sir. keep it up sir. 😉

  31. victoria j says:

    hello nelson ,
    i have see your photograhy a nice picture i like the picture in biri, pinipisacan fall, specially in bangon falls in victoria. can i print the picture of bangon falls victoria n. samar and a picture for the one wedding picture , i think is a nice picture. hope to hear from you

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