wedding@shangri-la mactan resort cebu, 16th october 2010

“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.”  –Peter Adams–

Though it is an old and ‘gasgas’ quote, this one really helped me when i (with Joey) was shooting the marriage of Rikki and Melissa in Cebu.  Rikki definitely knows how to discriminate a good photograph with just a picture, for he is also a photographer.  — not just a shutter-happy shooter, but a real talented photographer! check out his work here.   So as with Melissa,  — a photographer, a gifted graphic designer and a writer!   —so… the pressure was on!  😉

Honestly, while our team is having breakfast before proceeding to shangri-la resort, a question is tickling my mind, what ‘unique’ photographs shall i deliver to our distinctive-eyed couple wherein in a wedding, almost ‘everything’s been done’ from preparation, ceremony down to the reception?  practically all the happenings and rituals are in commonality with other weddings…  gladly my memory that day served me right, thanks to that “humba-bisaya” and rice breakfast!  —recalled from one of my inspirational quotes… “great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field”   shooting with a different depth of feeling than thinking about other things  –our depth of feeling may not be any ‘better’ or ‘worse’…..just different!  and i know,  this is what makes each photograph unique, even when the “scene” has been occurring and photographed many times before…

at the end of the day, the quote proved it right!  rikki and melissa gladly appreciated the photos! we were able to somehow deliver and met their expectation 😉 see how they liked it being uploaded to their websites and blogs.

by the way, these are just additional photos to what you will see from their uploads and from joey’s blog.  enjoy viewing!  cheers!












































congrats rikki, melissa! thanks for allowing us to be part of your wedding as well as for believing in our talent.




2 Responses to rikki&melissa

  1. Thank you very much Nelson for such a wonderful experience! Thank you for capturing our most cherished memories. It was such a pleasure to work with you – talk about stress free (at least for us… LOL)!

    The photos you’ve taken will always bring back our most cherished moments witnessed by our friends and family. I hope one day we can meet again. It would be great to sit down and chat over a beer or two.

    Cheers my friend!


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