alvin and joverly


Grace Baptist Church

Tacloban City


IMG_3853 web


IMG_2797 web


IMG_2816 web




IMG_2637 web




IMG_2791 web




IMG_2739 web


IMG_2832 web




IMG_2893 web


IMG_2874 web


IMG_2950 web




IMG_3048 web


IMG_3070 web


IMG_3311 web


IMG_3323 web




IMG_3628 web


IMG_3362 web


IMG_3456 web


IMG_3443 web


IMG_3472 web


IMG_3702 web


IMG_3670 web

ninong joey delivers his words of weezdom.. 😉




IMG_3883 web


IMG_3890 web


IMG_3928 web


IMG_3961 web


IMG_3978 web


IMG_4045 web



congratulations guys!


2 Responses to alvin and joverly

  1. bilay says:

    manu nelson..thank you so much for the wonderful shots during our wedding… the best gud kamu ni joey!!!!

  2. April Joy says:

    hi Mr. & Mrs. wishes and congratulations!

    thank you both for sharing your photos, hehehehehehe…

    have a blessed family….again congratulations..

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