2008 Weddings

Hi everyone! yes, am back after a loooonnnngggg lurking period from this blog.  No worry, am starting 2009 having a new year resolution for this site that will keep  you guys updated.  😉  so for the meantime, i wish to post some of the wedding photos that i missed to show for the year 2008.  


veluz-webVELUZ GOWN


06-08-08-czarcandys   CZAR+CANDICE


06-08-08-czarcandys1   CZAR+CANDICE


061008-marzjaynee1   MARZ+JAYNEE


07-05-08-markethel   MARK+ETHEL


07-08-08-jobyza   JOB+YZA


07-11-08-coxleng   COCX+LENG


07-26-08-raymundanna   RAYMOND+DANNA


08-02-08-alricomignon   ALRICO+MIGNON


08-02-08-alricomignon2    ALRICO+MIGNON


08-02-08-alricomignon3    ALRICO+MIGNON


08-08-08-louiekaren   LOUIE+KAREN


08-08-08-louiekaren2   LOUIE+KAREN


08-08-08-louiekaren3   LOUIE+KAREN


09-06-08-dodiehanah1   DODIE+HANNAH


09-06-08-dodiehanah2   DODIE+HANNAH


09-06-08-dodiehanah3   DODIE+HANNAH


09-07-08-erwinarlene1   ERWIN+ARLENE

09-07-08-erwinarlene2   ERWIN+ARLENE


09-20-08-erwinabe1   ERWIN+ABE


09-20-08-erwinabe2   ERWIN+ABE


09-20-08-erwinabe3   ERWIN+ABE


09-26-08-richardlislie1   RICHARD+LESLIE


09-26-08-richardlislie2    RICHARD+LESLIE


09-26-08-richardlislie3    RICHARD+LESLIE


09-28-08-duanecharisse2   DUANE+CHARISSE


10-08-08-larrygrace1   LARRY+GRACE


10-08-08-larrygrace2   LARRY+GRACE


10-08-08-larrygrace3   LARRY+GRACE


10-14-08-sherwinriza4   SHERWIN+RIZA


10-14-08-sherwinriza5   SHERWIN+RIZA






10-25-08-noranjuli1   NOR+ANJULI


10-25-08-noranjuli3   NOR+ANJULI


img_9721   ARIEL+JENNY





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