Miss Manaragat 2008

Though i’ve been the official photog for the Search for Miss Catbalogan / Manaragat for 3 years now, haven’t posted in the web yet even a single photo.  So, this will be my first post of the images captured during our pictorial.  The sessions we had were conducted in Buri Beach, Leopard Beach Resort in Cal-apog, and in the Catbalogan Airport.  No much ado, here are the photos. Cheers!







































6 Responses to Miss Manaragat 2008

  1. stephany says:

    kay ano waray an amon? nwez, nice! hehe galing galing! cheerz!

  2. Roderick says:

    Agey…..sayang waray ak makapanood han search. Kahuna ko man ad2 August pa as before. Hmmmmm…………maghusay pa man. Next time na la liwat …….

  3. -louiesa- says:

    Found 8!! Nice..Thanks!! =)

  4. lysa [imang] says:

    g’luck kay2 =)
    i know you can do it!
    more pOWer!


    — lay2☻

  5. chalea says:

    wats d name of candidate # 8? she is gorgeous.hope u reply

  6. louiesa says:

    WEee…her name is LOUIE!! hahaha..

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