Pinabacdao Peeks

Last week, i was commissioned to shoot for JDSF-SIP “Kamurayaw” Project in Pinabacdao, Samar. This Project aims to Harness People’s Participation through Confidence-Building and Community Empowerment Initiatives in the area.  My task was to deliver Photo Essays about the 11 project-covered communities, depicting conditions in the area, way of life, farming, peace-movers (Community Advocacy Teams in action), survivors of Conflict (portraits of conflict affected-communities) and other human interest subjects.

The field shoot lasted only for more than a day, and honestly, am still missing something that i think if time is not a concern, and i was first able to immerse with the community… these pictures can deliver more deeper and powerful messages.  Nevertheless, as i always do in my assignments, tried to capture the best images that i can. 

So here are the few.

the Project ID


How i love shooting this scene. Kids on play without noticing my presence.















a survivor…








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