Good Friday in Calbayog City

After 3 consecutive years of observing Holy Week in Catbalogan, i was given an opportunity to celebrate and shoot it this year in my hometown, Calbayog City.  Have to document it for the on-going preparation of the Calbayog coffeetable book.  So, here are few of my takes.



Sts. Peter & Paul Cathedral



 Mass in Poor Claire’s Monastery





 The procession of the Holy Eucharist on Maundy Thursday



 The altar… how i wish am using here a fullframe camera. drooling….



…from another perspective



Before the Celebration of the Mass 



It’s nice to see again highschool classmates in one event, Ronaldo on keyboard, and Alet as the commentator. 



Another classmate and a barkada around, Brod Arnol (3rd from left)




Have to maintain shooting from the back so i can’t draw attention of church goers away from the mass.







the procession…





 doing his own penance



on a tight framing, a very familiar face





passing along the Rosales Bridge 



from the child’s angle



dusk time… 


















 Note: my shots on the procession is limited to EOS 30D mounted with 50mm f1.8 lens and no flash setup.



19 Responses to Good Friday in Calbayog City

  1. Ronald says:

    Hi nelson! what can I say? I’m drooling over your pix! hahaha! a subtle way of reminding me that it’s time to buy a decent camera for my blog. hahaha! without your permission, I uploaded this entry’s link in my latest blog update. Thanks. Happy Easter!

  2. Hi ‘nald. Its nice to have you here! Yup your right, your images will improve using prosumer digital cam. prosumer cameras differs from phone cameras especially when used in dark/night environment.

    Link? the pleasure is all mine! LOL. Actually i really thank you for linking this post to your blog.

  3. jessica says:

    Hello Nelson..This is Jcka Conejos Brightwell, taga Obrero. Got your link from Ronald’s Blog of Calbayog. I have been waiting for the Good friday procession photos. Thank you so much for sharing. And with your permission would like to add your link in my friendster- to let other Calbayognon know about your lovely photos of Calbayog.

  4. Hi Jessica. I’ll be honored! 😉 Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. icebox says:

    very good pics…. i was just looking for the latest happenings in calbayog when i saw your blog. i wasnt expecting that you could capture calbayog in a really good photo. good work dude. by the way, what about the beaches in calbayog… looking forward for it…

  6. Hi icebox. thanks for dropping by. i actually have few captures already of Calbayog’s natural attractions. just completing it to meet the photo requirement in the on-going Calbayog coffeetable book project, which is planned to be launched by October this year. Cheers!

  7. ivi says:

    hi bro!

    just recently a friend who’s gone abroad asked when will you show calbayog thru your lens.. and here it is, thanks for the beautiful shots!


  8. pebbles says:

    you really got a very nice shots of calbayog..
    ive been away in calbayog for quite some time now.
    and the more i miss my hometown…

  9. reisty lim-maray says:

    awestruck ako hit im mga shots….namiss ko lugod hin duro it calbayog. .been hearing ur name from friends in catbalogan. u make all calbayognons very proud!
    classmate mo ak high school.

  10. Hi Reisty. thanks for dropping by. of course i still remember you, resti…. hehe. so you sounds like a leyteña already ha? kumusta naman?

  11. Rosen Rellita says:

    Hello Nel,
    Amazing work of art,WOW! what a wonderful site,my friends/co-workers peeped when I was checking your gallery and were very much impressed with the pictures,of course I am too.Really I was awestruck when I saw your gallery,,,keep it up and more powers,,,does Joselo have website too? I wanna see his work too,,,regards, ROSEN
    p.s. I will call Jessel(in chicago) tonight(panhambog) of your work&credit,he visited me in New Jersey last week.Ms.Tita dela Cruz is in California,will forward ur site to 🙂 ditto

  12. Hi’ sen,

    Am so happy to have you here! thanks nga naruyagan mo akon pictures. hehe please send my regards to friends out there.

    all the best!

    ps. Sent you email.

  13. Irene says:

    Hi Nelson, Ma’am Irene Dimakiling here. Wow! just wow! Can I copy your pictures and post it in my facebook account? Of course, I’ll acknowledge you. Thanks.

  14. Hi Ma’am! of course you can copy photos here and use it in your facebook. basta for Calbayog ba naman. 😉 hey, so great to have you here in my blog. thanks for visiting! best regards

    • Irene says:

      Thanks. by the way your pictures have reached Europe and caught the attention of Joy Montes Pilsworth who is based in England. She and her family are coming home in December and asks me if she can purchase some of your pictures in poster size? I promised her I’ll see what I can do so please is there a possibility?

  15. thanks Ma’am. i do sell my photos in different sizes as well as giving an option to the clients whether it is framed or just the prints only. just email me ma’am kun nano details san kan joy requirements. 😉

    • Irene says:

      Okey thanks Nelson. I’ll just wait for her arrival so you two can talk about the details. Anyway it won’t take a week to print those, right? By the way is it okey to add you on Facebook so I do not move from one site to another just to look for you he he he. Regards!

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