Free One-hour Photo Session!

I’ve been successful in importing my old blogspot posts here in wordpress. as you can notice, majority of my entries here were dated early 2007 and late 2006. this really shows that am still luckless in migrating my iBlog posts here.  Hey html-script writers, your assistance on this concern will be highly appreciated! give me the direction and i’ll give you 1hr photo session for free! hehe  promise!

7 Responses to Free One-hour Photo Session!

  1. jamtraxx says:

    Hmm… Im a freelancer and might be of help to you sire. I administered and which are both local sites. 😛 I admire your photos btw. and im basically a frustrated photographer. LOL. just send me an email jamtraxx[at] and i’ll see what i can do.

  2. jamtraxx says:

    btw, just a suggestion, if i were you, i wont use Instead, u can use ur own webspace(since i believe you have one since you got your own domain name) and install wordpress there. The reason behind it is because you can install plugins there which u cant do in

    Just a thought. 🙂

  3. Hi Jamtraxx. Glad to receive feedback from a web developer like you, a bit late though hehe. Since the date of creation of this blog, my search for the solution never ended until i found the Agitrop. Its a script that exports the iBlog entries to XML files compatible to wordpress file format.

    With regards to your suggestion, i really agree with you. in fact, i already started developing a new blog under my domain. but hey, rss and css are quite new to me since my programming language are basically the old version of ‘advance basic’ and COBOL, wayback late 80’s pa! LOL anyways, am slowly learning the commands now.

    btw, i visited the sites you are maintaining and its both nice! congrats!

  4. jamtraxx says:

    yeah just found you site from Joey’s site and dang! i do love those shots. 😀 Anyhoo, with regards to RSS, I believe WordPress creates its own RSS. Basically, you dont have to worry about RSS and subscriptions as they are automatic. with regards to CSS and themes, just look for a theme that would fit your need with regards to the layout then just edit from there(Editing images, PHP files and CSS).

    Anyhoo, just drop me a line on my mail if you need help with those.

    PS. Dang i wish i knew how to use COBOL. Heard a US based company was looking for Cobol programmers which has good compensations. LOL. 😀

  5. Thanks jamtraxx! Never used for quite a time my COBOL knowledge. especially now that am into photography already. besides, i already gave up programming for i found myself being a Kodaker. LOL

  6. jamtraxx says:

    well, good for you then. hahaha. I fail at photography… well good thing PhotoShop helps me atleast bring colors to whatever I shoot with my busty digicam. hahaha. Anyhoo, nice chatting with you. Kodus!

  7. Likewise, thanks for sharing your ideas and time jamtraxx.

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