Free One-hour Photo Session!

I’ve been successful in importing my old blogspot posts here in wordpress. as you can notice, majority of my entries here were dated early 2007 and late 2006. this really shows that am still luckless in migrating my iBlog posts here.  Hey html-script writers, your assistance on this concern will be highly appreciated! give me the direction and i’ll give you 1hr photo session for free! hehe  promise!


Brandnew is up!

Finally, after a week of conceptualizing, editing, uploading, and waiting…. its finally here! Visit my new website and its way way different from the previous that i had.  This is a full Flash driven site so hang on… well, there’s a drawback here, you have to install Flash Player in your PC that you can download  from for free. Another thing is dial-up internet connection will really, really have a hard-time in loading the webpages.. anyways, am just confident that internet providers are now converting all dial-up to DSL lines.  So have a glimpse of the splash page of my site or go directly to 




Jun and Rhea

The wedding photos of Jun and Rhea

Location: Tacloban City

Church:  Sto. Niño Parish Church

Preparation: Rosvenil Pensionne House