Our Days in Guiuan, Eastern Samar Part II

Our trip to Guiuan last weekend was  so fantastic! it started since we took off from Rotonda of Basey at exactly 4PM. We shoot on the road until the sun finally set.  So hang on and see my takes!


 From Basey Golden Bridge Scene



Taken while the rest of the Team enjoying their softdrinks at Kaluwayan Resort.



The left side scenery of Kaluwayan Resort




As we drive along the Marabut area.  I went down under the bridge to have this angle.



as mother nature promises another new day…




Selo calling his shots. Watch out for his new blog in wordpress.com!



The trip was quite tiring so our boys jumped early to bed. Thanks to Concordio’s Inn for accommodating us temporarily even the rooms were already reserved to others! 





 Our second day in Guiuan was the official day for Donald and Fe, so i wasn’t able to take pictures for our own…


DAY 3 




After we have taken our breakfast, we proceeded to Brgy. Sulangan and visited their church famous for the “panaad” or promise.  


Inside the church.. 




Saw this at the entrance of the church



All the posts inside the church were decorated with seashells.


The big crucifix outside the church 




shhhh… Joey in a very serious moment asking for enlightenment..



the candle and souvenir selling area



few of the seashells displayed for sale as souvenirs





…and more seashells! see that Galleon made of shells by Sulanganons?


those real smiles!



After Sulangan Church, we headed to this place named White Beach. A hidden paradise! white sand, crystal clear waters and surroundings of rich vegetation! Made me promised to myself that i have to take a dip in this beach if i’ll be in Guiuan/Sulangan again!






still in white beach. i’m in-love with the place!



Photographing the photographers in one of the spots in the Calicoan area where we were free to shoot!  Why? almost all of the area were already fenced and marked with “No Trespassing! Private Property”


Love is in the Air!


This is what the Team felt during the day!  It was because Selo and Alet was celebrating their 12th Wedding Anniversary.  Twelve years of pleasant (and of course unpleasant memories) of  togetherness! 

To My Friends Selo and Alet:  

If you have hurdled it for 12 years, am sure you can do it for another 63! Of course, all would not be sweet and rosy always. 

Life is always full of colors. And what  matters most, is how you look at and utilized them to paint your life. 

So am painting (literally) here more colors to your pictures! heheh





These are just some of the pictures of our escapade in Calicoan, Guiuan, E. Samar!  I just hope for more weddings or business trips in Guiuan, Easter Samar!

4 Responses to Our Days in Guiuan, Eastern Samar Part II

  1. Rickey Gulipardo says:

    I love your photo of my home land! I never seen these side of Eastern Samar before. Thank you!

  2. Mike Perito says:

    stunning!!! marvelous shots of samar!!! diri ak maaram nga kaupay man ngay-an ang mga views sa guijan! Secured ba ang mga lugar nga ginbisita niyo? Ok an mag-withart captured by ur lens in a lovely moments.

  3. Nelbs says:

    Beautiful shots…… working in a company who happens to discover the beautiful island of Calicoan and decided to expand our project and get a share of the serenity, but never to destroy the virgin in you – CALICOAN…. All the time I took my amateur shots, always feeling my first, always looking forward to my next trip back …. SURE YOU DO…… ENCHANTING SHOTS…

  4. Maupay gad iton ukoy dida hiton kalugaringon nga lugar or tinubu_an dida ha aton guiauan e. samar labi na gud kung retired, it makuri man gad la hin mas yado hin ka mahal hiton aton mga katunaan dida. Karuyag ko gud mag embest dida ha aton, pero it problema la mahal iton tuna dida. Amo ngani kunta iton akon paghika bul_ew didi ha seattle washington kay mahal iton pagpalit hin balay ngan luti.

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