Catbalogan Citihood Application Photos


Yo! my apologies for being silent these past days. it was because of. . . deadlines, deadlines, deadlines! Hehehe. Anyhow, before i post the output of the projects i just finished, i considered to show first the photos of the above subject line. This is in order to give idea on what is Catbalogan right now in terms of meeting the requisites of becoming a city. Of course what am presenting is minus statistics and revenue report, just pictures! By the way, i took these photographs in just one day to urgently comply the requirements requested by Mayor Tekwa Uy.

Catbalogan Municipio

Samar Capitol Building


Samar Provincial Hospital


DAR Provincial Office

Justice Building


National Irrigation Administration



Samar State University- Samar’s only university

Catbalogan I Elementary School



Saint Mary’s College of Catbalogan (formerly Sacred Heart College) 

Samar National School (Samar High)


Huh?! i already reached the maximum number of pictures to be uploaded. Anyways, i’ll post other pictures next time. promise!


One Response to Catbalogan Citihood Application Photos

  1. Nida Yboa Mendiola says:

    The Catbalogan municipio and the Samar Capitol Building really really look old and dirty on the outside. Maybe a fresh paint, if it could be painted, would make them look more attractive and pleasing to the eye. The other public buildings and the schools are quite alright. How come there is no picture of Samar Colllege? That’s my alma mater. I hope Catbalogan will eventually become a city in the near future so that it will become more progressive, cleaner and orderly. My family, my husband and my sons with their American wives are planning to visit next year and we will definitely go to Catbalogan. The thing that I dreaded most is the mosquitos. Maybe the town officials will make it one of their agendas, to allot some money for treatment of the ‘imburnals’ or anywhere mosquitoes lay eggs. Healthwise, it is good for the people and the visitors, locally and internationally.

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