2004 recollection

Whoa! i thought the previous post was my last for November. but hey, something popped up within my recollection. T’was during this same season in 2004, as i was still working for SIBP, we were busy in taking photographs of the major waterfalls in 3 Samar Provinces that we have to feature in SIBP/SINP 2005 Calendar. Hmmm..So whats the big deal then? hehe, wala lang, i just want to share the photos i took to those who were not able to see and got hold of the calendar.. hope you’ll like these. 

Bangon Falls of Calbayog City

Pinipisakan Falls in Las Navas, N. Samar (This is the only photo that i took while am fronting the lens. Camera on tripod and timed.)

Amandaraga Falls in Lawaan, E. Samar

The Sohoton Natural Bridge taken from the back.

Inside Panhulugan Cave. Mano Sedong touring Lilibeth Queen


No, they are not rebels. Dixon & Allan posing like comrades with our tripods!

Along Sohoton River in Basey, Samar.


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