2005 Wedding Pictures

Yahoo! Finally found time to post again. After organizing and cleaning up my 2 spaceless 200GB harddisk, i was able to select some 2005 wedding pictures i think worth posting. heheh.. here’s the first batch.



























BG & Entourage



One Response to 2005 Wedding Pictures

  1. chi e. redaja says:

    Nelson Petilla is a rising star in the field of photography. A deadshot turned photographer, Nelson uses to advantage his acumen for sharp shooting to capture images that are crisp and sharp but still manages to surprise us with the sometimes playful, sometimes pensive moods of his photos. Whether its a wedding or a nature shot, I have always been surprised by the “extra” eye he adds to his pictures. They aren’t just images. They tell a story. That, to me, is WOW!

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