2005 Wedding Pictures

Yahoo! Finally found time to post again. After organizing and cleaning up my 2 spaceless 200GB harddisk, i was able to select some 2005 wedding pictures i think worth posting. heheh.. here’s the first batch.



























BG & Entourage




Maqueda Bay @Night
Hongkong? nope! this is the beauty of Catbalogan Pier II at night…
Took this picture sometime in 2004 from the angle of Alvin Laohoo’s place. As i could recall, the group, Boting, Alvin, Nante, Jing, Mcdo and I, were having an eating session that night. I used my first DSLR EOS300D to capture this scenery. As per my record shows, i set the cam in manual mode, shutterspeed to 30secs., aperture at F7.1, put the camera on the ledge in the absence of tripod and timed the shot. Click!

Catbalogan from East to West

Just want to show the common angle or usual panoramic shot of Catbalogan. I took this picture from the Diversion Road spot. i Love the clouds though harshness of sunlight can’t be avoided.. heheh.. but hey, the circular polarizer did a good job for me eventhough i shot this at around 12 noon. Why 12noon? i have to comply with the urgent picture requirements for Catbalogan Cityhood application as requested by the local Chief Executive.

Catbalogan Panoramic Photo

Catbalogan 2006by David Nelson Petilla

This panoramic photo captures the mood and natural and man-made landmarks of Catbalogan. The settlements are embraced by rolling hills and look over to a stunning view of Maqueda Bay to the west, the generous source of a medley of seafoods for Catbaloganons, and the site of spectacular sunsets that enthrall afternoon strollers by the seawall. Own the magic and the memory. Great as a personal collection or gift item. The photo is now available on limited edition.


  • Only 20 prints from high-end digital master file available on a First Come First Served Basis.
  • Image size: 9″ x 30″ with white space border of 4″ x 2″ on each side. Total size including black box frame: 19″ x 36″
  • Matted with acid-free archival material for long-lasting display
  • A limited edition copy number, year photo was taken, name of artist photographer will also appear on the photo to identify the print as an authentic copy.
  • Price: PhP 8,800 (US$ 180) excluding freight & handling outside Philippines.

For orders please copy and fill-up Order Form and mailto: npetilla@yahoo.com :

Order Form

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