Heeeere they are!!  After 14 long years of engagement, the firefighter (arjan) and the baker (diane) took  vows before the Almighty at St. Barttholomew Parish in Catbalogan City last June 4, 2011.  this has been one of my most exciting weddings i’ve ever photographed. i was involved in the very first day of conceptualizing and planning their pre-nuptial and wedding shoots.  t’was really stirring and fun working with these two incredible people who are ridiculously in love! they planned and designed an absolutely gorgeous wedding with a well thought out workplan… no major detail was overlooked… oh yeah, thanks to their events designer (Christina Guy) and wedding coordinator (Marvin Gomez) who implemented and operationalized the plan successfully! :)  without much ado, here are their photos!

love their motif!

Diane’s personal timeline  🙂

the waistline, is that 27.5?!  🙂

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teaser photos on the engagement session with mike and zel last 9th of march, 2011




wedding@shangri-la mactan resort cebu, 16th october 2010

“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.”  –Peter Adams–

Though it is an old and ‘gasgas’ quote, this one really helped me when i (with Joey) was shooting the marriage of Rikki and Melissa in Cebu.  Rikki definitely knows how to discriminate a good photograph with just a picture, for he is also a photographer.  — not just a shutter-happy shooter, but a real talented photographer! check out his work here.   So as with Melissa,  — a photographer, a gifted graphic designer and a writer!   —so… the pressure was on!  😉

Honestly, while our team is having breakfast before proceeding to shangri-la resort, a question is tickling my mind, what ‘unique’ photographs shall i deliver to our distinctive-eyed couple wherein in a wedding, almost ‘everything’s been done’ from preparation, ceremony down to the reception?  practically all the happenings and rituals are in commonality with other weddings…  gladly my memory that day served me right, thanks to that “humba-bisaya” and rice breakfast!  —recalled from one of my inspirational quotes… “great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field”   shooting with a different depth of feeling than thinking about other things  –our depth of feeling may not be any ‘better’ or ‘worse’…..just different!  and i know,  this is what makes each photograph unique, even when the “scene” has been occurring and photographed many times before…

at the end of the day, the quote proved it right!  rikki and melissa gladly appreciated the photos! we were able to somehow deliver and met their expectation 😉 see how they liked it being uploaded to their websites and blogs.

by the way, these are just additional photos to what you will see from their uploads and from joey’s blog.  enjoy viewing!  cheers!





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10.10.10 marlin|niña

a perfect location for the couple to remember always their magical day every time they see this photo…


bohol prenup shoot

just a teaser on our engagement session with C&F in bohol. posting only a picture as discussed with clients that we will show the rest of the photos during the their wedding day on october 1  😉

sam|faye @ san juanico bridge

this happened only in 10 minutes, so precious moments for joey and myself to maximize for we have to go back right away to the reception in Le Jardin, tacloban.  we have supposed to have enough time for the pictorial as originally planned, just that the church ceremonies started late by almost an hour.  given a limited time, sam & faye really pursued the pictorial at san juanico for they consider  it as the form of their connection being a leyteño and a samareña who fall in love to each other.

a quote to share II

Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination“  (Voltaire)